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Creating value out of canola that doesn’t make the grade.

Welcome to Milligan Biofuels

Milligan Biofuels Inc. is a pioneer in the biodiesel industry.  We have achieved significant growth since commercializing biodiesel production in 2001. Milligan is now a major supplier of biodiesel as well as a manufacturer of numerous other products, all from damaged grade canola. All of our products are environmentally friendly.

We manufacture and sell biodiesel, diesel fuel conditioner, penetrating oil, road dust suppressants, asphalt release agents, and rust inhibitor, for industrial and agricultural requirements. We also provide high quality canola meal and feed oil to the animal feed sector.

Our products have been tested and proven in all applications. Operating under ISO quality and safety standards, Milligan Biofuels is an industry leader in testing, product certification and quality control.

Damaged canola has been a waste product in the past but a value for this has been established with the demand for biodiesel manufactured by Milligan Biofuels.  Green, wet, heated, or spring thrashed canola are the feedstocks for Milligan Biofuels' biodiesel production. Our seed buyers will offer competitive market pricing and freight options if necessary.

Whether you have damaged canola to sell or are looking for products, welcome to Milligan Biofuels Inc.


We Want Your Damaged Canola





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